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Certified Green Roofing in Detroit

Schena is proud to have invested in Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. We've completed the education and installation requirements to become one of only a handful of certified Green Roofing Specialists in Michigan. Considering "Green" is a hot topic for government, education systems and special interest groups, tax incentives can apply to many green roof installations. Add green space for recreation, relaxation or just aesthetics for your Michigan commercial roof.

In addition, green roofs enjoy the benefits of lower heating and cooling costs because they have a tremendous insulating effect. Green roofs help manage storm water run-off because it can retain up to 85% of rainwater/snow melt. Living roofs also absorb sound and electromagnetic energy from cell towers and power lines. Some high profile "green" projects can be found on the Ford building in Dearborn and The University of Michigan.

  • Lower heating cost
  • Lower cooling cost
  • Sound absorption
  • Tax incentives
  • Water management

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