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Your roof is one of the most important (and expensive) elements of your building’s structure. Routine roof maintenance with proper workmanship is essential to get the longest life out of your roofing investment. Ignoring minor roof leaks can result in major repairs down the road with a much bigger price tag. Taking shortcuts with poor workmanship and improper materials can drastically reduce the performance of your roofing system and cause damage to other components of the buildings structure. Choosing a company to build and maintain your roof is an incredibly important decision.

Schena Roofing has been listening to our customers’ needs for decades, and we are continuously improving and adding services to fulfill those needs. A wisely chosen commercial roofing service should be able to provide the following benefits to your company:

Experienced and professional commercial roofing installation
Custom sheet metal fabrication shop
Commercial gutter cleaning
Leak repairs
Annual inspections
Preventative maintenance services
24/7 Emergency repairs
Certified installer of all major roofing material manufacturers
Roof assessments
Extensive and vast product knowledge to provide the right solution
Roof warranty repair service
Inspection services & budget reporting
Snow & ice removal
Online customer portal and roof asset management tools

We are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for their your roofing needs.

Making your problems our purpose

Maintaining your facility’s roof is critical to ensuring business operations are not interrupted. A poorly maintained roof can cause deterioration of the walls, structural steel, and foundation, not to mention all the equipment and inventory inside the building. Safety is also a factor. Serious injury can result from a person slipping on a wet floor or having a ceiling fall down on them. In other words, the roof is one of the most important components of a building that you cannot afford to neglect.

Keeping track of every maintenance item in your facility can be tough and the roof can impact most of those maintenance items on your list. Let’s face it: roofs are not glamorous. Money spent on new equipment, flooring, or an interior renovation is far more appealing than spending money on a roof you don’t really see. That’s where Schena Roofing outshines the rest.

Schena Roofing has been providing peace of mind to facility managers in Michigan and the metro-Detroit area for over 50 years. Our trusted relationships stand the test of time because we go above and beyond for our customers to make their jobs easier, provide innovative and cost effective solutions, and maintain the highest levels of craftsmanship and integrity.

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Schena Roofing services

New construction and installation

We understand that every roof, facility, and the operations inside are unique. That’s why, for more than 50 years, we have focused on building relationships with our customers. We perform an extensive evaluation with every customer to understand their needs, how their business operation works, and evaluate building conditions. This information helps us provide roofing solutions for our customers that are appropriate for their building and budget.

Tear-off and recover

Age is the most frequent reason for a roof to need repairs or replacement. But other factors, such as severe weather, defective materials, improper specifications, abuse, or neglect can also contribute. Any of these translate into decreased building value, increased energy costs, and other potential hazards. When a new roof is in order, we thoroughly inspect, make recommendations, and address any issues that involve the roofing system.

Restoration and coatings

Roof restoration can be an option if a new roof isn’t in the budget. A renewed coating can save money, enhance curb appeal, provide moisture protection, and dramatically lengthen the roof’s life. Our professionals will inspect the substrate and existing materials to determine the best restoration option for your roof.

Sheet metal

Sheet metal roofing systems can be a great option for commercial buildings: they’re energy efficient, cost-effective, have a 20-year finish, and deliver a modern aesthetic. Whether it is new construction or an existing building, our sheet metal department can custom fabricate all components in our shop and finish with impeccable installation.

Custom solutions

Schena provides custom roofing solutions for our commercial customers. Every building is different, and that is why we conduct an in-depth analysis with our experienced professionals to determine the best possible solution. Schena Roofing will listen to all of your concerns about budgeting, performance, and maintenance to determine the best course of action. Schena is experienced in providing roofing solutions for the most challenging projects. Contact us to learn more about our process.

Streamlined cooperative procurement process

Schena Roofing has partnered with National Roofing Partners (NRP) as an authorized contractor to participate in cooperative purchasing roofing contracts. Cooperative contracts complete and satisfy all requirements in the bid process and are designed to streamline the procurement process and reduce the overall cost of the installed roof and construction services.

Services include:




disaster response

Portfolio management

Building envelope
and more.

Cooperative contracts are available nationwide for both public and nonprofit sectors, including educational institutions (K–12 and higher), city, county, state, healthcare, and church/religious.

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