Schena OneSource: Easy commercial roof project tracking

Better tools. Better service. Peace of mind.

To say that facility managers have a lot on their plates is an understatement. Roofing is just one aspect of a demanding job that encompasses everything from the foundation to the plumbing. There is an incredible amount of information to keep track of; it’s hard to keep organized; and having cost and condition information readily available at any time is challenging. That’s why Schena Roofing makes the lives of facility managers across Michigan so much easier with Schena OneSource.

Schena OneSource is our customer portal that provides everything you need to know about your roof repairs, installation, and budget in one place.

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What is Schena OneSource?

Your all-in-one tool to schedule services and view contract information.

Schena OneSource is an online customer portal that enables you to access all of your invoices, repair history, photos, installation, and all other roofing information instantly. Our intuitive interface gives you complete access to your service and records with us.

The platform automatically updates, transmitting and storing video footage of roof activity, inspections, and progress. Schena OneSource also tracks your invoices, budget, expenditures, service, inspections, and much more.

In short, Schena OneSource is a part of our dedication to providing the best customer support of any commercial roofing contractor. We believe that by saving you time and effort, we can win your business for your long-term commercial roofing needs.

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A better way to do business

Solving our customers’ problems

Any building or repair project comes with a seemingly endless amount of paperwork, documentation, and information. We made it our mission to provide a better way to keep track of it all.

Imagine if all of your projects and maintenance records could be found on one extremely easy portal. A good customer portal should include the entire history of your service and everything you can expect in terms of costs and activity.

How Schena OneSource can benefit you

Secure, user-friendly, cloud-based software system means no downloading any programs; just log in and get what you need
See a history of your buildings
Find photo documentation of all repairs
Report leaks/request service on your own
See full invoice history
Get automatic status updates
Budget for repairs by seeing what you paid in the past
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It's Easy! How to Set Up Schena OneSource

Step 1

Contact Schena Roofing to request portal access.

Step 2

Provide us with your desired username and password.

Step 3

Log into Schena OneSource whenever you need servicing or project information.

Better tools. Better service. Peace of mind.