Cedar Roofing

A natural choice for your business

Get natural beauty and efficiency with a cedar shingle or cedar shake roof

Your commercial roof needs to stand up to Michigan weather, which often seems to change by the minute. Cedar shingles or cedar shakes can be an excellent choice. While a commercial cedar roof’s natural beauty gives your business the unmistakable mark of quality and taste, cedar also delivers exceptional value.

The key is choosing a qualified, experienced roofing company like Schena Roofing, to be sure the roof is correctly installed and insulated to ensure lasting beauty and efficiency. Whether you are replacing an existing roof or looking for the right roof for a new build, we will work with you to make sure the process is smooth and done with top-quality craftsmanship.

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What are the benefits of a cedar roof?

  • Natural durability — Cedar’s thick fibers stand up to harsh sun, wind, rainstorms and snowstorms and even bounce back from damaging elements like hail.
  • Energy Efficiency — Cedar naturally forms a protective barrier that blocks the transfer of heat and cold, making it among the top roofing materials for money-saving energy efficiency.
  • Long Life — With proper maintenance, a cedar roof can last at least 10 years longer than asphalt; usually about 40 years.
  • Timeless Beauty — A cedar roof ages gracefully into a distinctive grey-silver hue over time and is compatible with many architectural styles.
  • Sustainability — Cedar is a renewable resource, and cedar shingles can be recycled.

What’s the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shakes?

The difference is in how the shingles are sawn. Cedar shingles are sawn top side and underside, so a cedar shingle roof will have a smoother, tighter, more uniform look. Cedar shakes are sawn smooth on the underside but left rough and textured on the top side, so the roof will have a more rugged, rustic look and each shingle is unique. Being thicker than shingles, cedar shakes tend to be more durable, but because they don’t lay as flat as shingles, they’ll need insulation and weatherproofing between the courses. Choose a quality, experienced roofing company to help you know what is right for your project.

What kind of maintenance does a cedar roof need?

While all roofing systems need maintenance, regular checkups and maintenance for a cedar roof is especially important. At Schena Roofing, we provide flexible maintenance contracts and schedules to ensure your roof gets the care it needs. For a cedar roof, we recommend a checkup every spring and fall to monitor for damaged shingles and ensure your roof is free of moss- and mildew-causing debris. We also recommend protective fire- and water-repellant treatments and fungicides every one to three years and professional power washing every few years. Ask us to provide customized recommendations based on your building’s specific needs.

Your company’s roof is a reflection of your company’s quality.

At Schena Roofing, we know a roof can make a powerful statement. We’re proud to provide you with custom solutions for your building, your budget and your business image. Ask our experienced professionals for a free in-depth analysis — we’ll help you find the best roof for your business.

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