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Schena Roofing’s architectural sheet metal shop fabricates and forms customized components for any job.

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Custom commercial sheet metal fabrication for a lasting, low-maintenance roof

If you want a sustainable roof, a low-maintenance roof or a roof that can save you money, a sheet metal roofing system is an excellent choice. In our full-service sheet metal facility, skilled in-house experts manufacture architectural sheet metal roofs and custom metal designs to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. We fabricate and install to your specifications, drawings, and/or building needs. Come to us for top-quality construction of edge metal, custom bends, flashing, counterflashing, roof spouts, downspouts and more, designed, cut and shaped to your project’s specifications..

Our full line of custom sheet metal offerings includes:

Barrel roofs
Metal roofing
Sheet metal flashing
Architectural standing seam roofing and panels
Metal canopies
Gutters & down spouts
Penetration covers
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“Truly an amazing effort in the heat and humidity and focusing on the task at hand. I look forward to many more projects with Schena Roofing & Sheet Metal.”

Christopher HendrixConstruction Supervisor, DTE

What are the benefits of a metal roof?

  • Low-Maintenance Strength— With a high-quality weather coating, it will normally only need an inspection twice a year, and if repairs are needed, it is usually a much simpler process than with other types of roofing materials. They stand up to Michigan rain, snow, hail, wind, moisture and heat.
  • Long Life — A metal roof is a lasting investment, often having a life span that rivals the building itself.
  • Energy Efficiency — A reflective metal roof can reduce your cooling costs significantly.
  • Fire Safety — Metal roofs are among the most fire-resistant options, making it simple to comply with fire codes and providing peace of mind. 
  • Design Flexibility — A metal roof can give your building a distinctive, modern aesthetic. But if you want to achieve a more classic look, we can also design your metal roof to look like slate or shingles. At Schena Roofing we provide in-house fabrication, so we can customize the color and design to achieve the look you want. If your building has skylights, lots of vents, cupolas or other complex design features, a metal roof is also a great choice to minimize issues like leaks.
  • Sustainability — In addition to being energy efficient, metal roofing can be made from recycled materials, and unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs are completely recyclable.

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