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Schena’s roof repair services

It is extremely important to repair any damage to your roof as soon as possible. Infiltration from water can wreak havoc on your building as well as the property and inventory within. When choosing a commercial roof repair service in Michigan, what kind of benefits should you be looking for? At Schena Roofing, we cover every base possible when it comes to fast repairs.

Flat roof leaks
Low slope repairs
Total roof systems
Schena OneSource — online customer portal
Photo documentation
Thoughtful technicians
Sensitivity in unique environments

No matter the situation, our technicians are always available, arriving quickly and well-prepared. Contact us today to discuss your roof repair, leak, or restoration.

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All-inclusive repair specialists

Your roof is exposed to our unpredictable Michigan climate with rain, high winds, sleet, snow, and sun all contributing to its degradation. When left unchecked, these elements can compromise the integrity of the roofing system. The good news is, with expert repair services and preventive maintenance programs, Schena Roofing can help you avoid costly damage to your facility.

Schena Roofing has over 20 teams of expert commercial roof repair technicians to serve metro Detroit. We maintain a 24-hour emergency repair department to handle after-hour situations. This ensures that you will never need to delay service or deal with an unacceptable wait time to get your roof repaired.

Schena Roofing can be your all-inclusive roof repair specialist. Our expert services are designed to keep everything related to your roofing system operating smoothly. When it comes to commercial roofing system repair, no one does it better than our seasoned repair technicians.

Hail damage
Wind damage
Seasonal freeze and thaw cycles
Heavy snow
Excess debris
Ice dams

Our sales rep has been excellent to work with, getting us quotes and getting our jobs scheduled promptly. The workers did an excellent job and left the area clean.

GregUtopia Gardens

Your repairmen care very much about the job they do. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years.

M. GrewetteThe Roof Patrol

We can say with 100% confidence that all employees (management, supervisors and laborers) showed they really cared about this project.

Steve Shotwell, President, Board of TrusteesFord Piquette Avenue Plant

Our repairs process

Schena Roofing has always differentiated itself from the competition with a higher level of service provided to every customer and greater level of detail in our repairs and installations. We have implemented a process based on decades of listening to customer concerns and created a system that helps you know exactly what is happening with the project at any time.

Our philosophy is you can never over communicate. Notifications are sent via email at every step of the repair process.

Tools like Schena OneSource make it incredibly easy for you to oversee the repair process and have access to all project documents in one place. Here is the five-step process that occurs when you entrust your repairs to Schena Roofing technicians.









Our technicians arrive at
your site promptly
according to your needs
and schedule.

They carefully survey the
situation and recommend the
necessary repairs.

They take photographs or videos
to visually document areas to be

All of this information is
uploaded to your easily
accessible Schena OneSource account. There
you can view all pictures, repair info, paperwork, and

Our technicians will expertly
repair your roof and advise
future maintenance to ensure
the problem doesn’t happen

Throughout this process, you will be able to communicate with Schena Roofing technicians and management at any time.

Protection around the clock

Roofing emergencies wait for no one. That is why Schena Roofing maintains a 24-hour emergency repair department to handle emergency and after-hour situations. Our professional crews are available 24/7 to inspect your roof, assess the conditions, and begin making temporary or permanent repairs. Whether you are a new or an existing customer, when you call us you’ll receive a prompt and professional response. We will fix the problem and get your operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

Fix your roof today

Schena Roofing will promptly dispatch a team tailored to troubleshoot any and all roof repairs at your commercial or industrial building. Our mission is to efficiently and quickly make repairs, so your operations and personnel are not interrupted from daily business. Our technicians understand your urgency and are prepared to mend, patch, restore, fix any problem your commercial roof may face.

Don’t delay your repair.