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Your structure is as unique as your business

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As roofers, we understand the roof can play a big role in the personality of the building.

Having a specialty roof on your business’s structure let’s it stand apart from other businesses. You’ve worked hard to develop a unique and memorable brand — your structure should do the same. Whether you’re starting with new construction that calls for a specialty roof, or a replacement of an existing roof that coordinates with your brand’s style, we can help you design a roofing system that will be noticed.

The details found in slate, cedar, copper, and tile roofing options are timeless and provide you with a sense of legacy in your commercial building. Though some techniques and materials lose their luster over time, our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and integrity are not among them. We’ll help you build solid pride of ownership of your commercial building while matching the architectural style of your structure, no matter if you want a classic historical building or a crisp, modern appearance.

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Skilled professionals who pay attention to details, safety, and budget.

Scott M.Major Architecture Firm

Great value, great service, and a great attitude!

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Excellent work! This project was fast and smooth!


Specialty roofing materials, installation, maintenance, and beyond

At Schena Roofing, we understand that your unique, custom roofing needs special attention. Our experienced crew can help find the right roofing solution for your company. You’ll find our dedication to workmanship and devotion to giving you a solid commercial roofing installation is backed up by our experience.

We stand by our work, staying with you through the life of your roof. Rather than treating you as a one-and-done project, we return to help with maintenance and roofing repairs, ensuring that you get the same quality workmanship that you received the first time we showed up on your site.

When it comes to proper handling of your specialty roofing material, you won’t find anyone as knowledgeable in the commercial roofing industry to handle your project, from beginning to end and beyond.

Outstanding specialty roofing materials for your commercial roofing project

Schena Roofing handles a range of different materials to help you find the right roofing solution for your business. From traditional membrane roofing for flat roofs, to specialty products designed for sloped commercial roofs, our team provides expert support, professional installation and long-lasting quality. We offer the following specialty roofing options:


For a solid, old-world feel to your specialty commercial roof, slate provides a classic and long-lasting option. Slate is the perfect option for timeless structures such as schools, churches, historical landmarks, and government buildings.


Tile provides amazing texture while delivering strong protection to your commercial building’s interior. But not every roofing contractor installs tile properly. It takes a careful hand and dedication to quality workmanship to achieve a quality installation.


Cedar shakes provide a wonderfully natural and timeless feel, making it a great option for historical structures, vacation destinations, and similar locales.


Copper was used to create beautiful roofs in the post-Revolutionary period that have since developed an amazingly beautiful patina. We can repair your existing copper roof or add an amazing new one to give your business a sense of legacy.

Ready to get started? Our experienced professionals are waiting to help you find the right specialty roofing solution for your company's needs. No matter if you’re just starting the process, have specific questions, or are ready to get started on an estimate, contact a Schena specialty roofing expert today.

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