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Roof Inspections Detroit

Schena roofing inspectors perform a thorough 8-point inspection. Each inspection reports on condition, life expectancy and future costs associated with the roofing system. The inspection provides building owners/managers with three critical pieces of information:

  • Will the current roof fulfill or outperform the expected life cycle
  • Identifies potential trouble spots to pre-empt costly repairs
  • Aids in budget planning for future roof expenditures

In some cases, we extend roof life 5-10 years with regular monitoring, evaluation and planning.

We also perform inspections for metro Detroit customers buying, selling or leasing buildings. Condition reports include photos, budget guidelines and estimated life expectancy for any repairs and/or replacement necessary.

  • Roof Condition Analysis
  • Inspect for Moisture
  • Review Substrate Condition
  • Flashing and Penetration Inspection
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Evaluate Life Expectancy
  • Photo Documentation
  • Repair/Replacement Recommendations

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