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Schena OneSource Benefits Facility Managers in Detroit

Schena Roofing offers an easy, hassle-free resource to keep roof system information up- to-date and at the fingertips of busy facility managers. Our exclusive customer portal provides the ability to report and track service calls online. It automatically updates whenever there is any activity on the roof(s). It transmits and stores video footage of roof activity, inspections, and progress. OneSource tracks invoices, budget, expenditures, service, inspections and much more.

  • Safe and Secure Web Portal
  • Automates repair and replacement budgets
  • Top-notch reports with video capability
  • Access information anytime, anywhere

Schena OneSource is ideal for any facility manager who wants and needs access to all roof information in one convenient location. It is simple and easy to navigate. Typical training sessions are on-site and take less than 1 hour. To learn more, or request a demonstration, contact us today.