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Holistic Thinking

Commercial roofing know-how
By July 5, 2020October 27th, 2023No Comments
All roofs have several items to create a total roof system. Although the materials may vary, the basic roof system components are: Structural deck (substrate), Insulation, Membrane, Surfacing, Flashings, and Metal terminations. All of these pieces synchronize to form one functional system. Each component has its own failure modes, and although failure of one item may not lead to failure of the entire system, each area must be monitored and inspected for maintenance repairs.
At Schena Roofing, we make sure the entire roofing system is functioning properly. During our inspection, we identify:
Maintenance items: Clearing of the roof drains of debris, make spot repairs to minor holes or open seams.
Priority Service: All leaks receive priority service.
Proactive repairs: We identify areas of your roof that have the potential to become a costly leak and provide discounted pricing.
Extending the service life: Provide recommendations for reflective coatings or other repairs that will extend the life of your investment