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Spirit of Detroit Award: Osborn Neighborhood

By August 22, 2016July 3rd, 2023No Comments

In October 2015, Schena Roofing received the Spirit of Detroit Award for their participation in the multimillion-dollar effort to revitalize the Osborn Neighborhood in Detroit Michigan.

In conjunction with the nonprofit group Life Remodeled, Schena Roofing was part of a team of dedicated suppliers, contractors and volunteers to make the revitalization of the entire neighborhood possible. Founded in 2011, Life Remodeled strives to transform lives by restoring Detroit neighborhoods. Schena Roofing was one of three roofing companies to provide discounted labor for new roofs on Osborne High School, Pulaski Elementary School and many residential homes in the community. The top-to-bottom face-lift included boarding up 500 vacant homes, beautifying 300 neighborhood blocks, remodeling over 20 homes and demolishing burned out homes. During one week last August, 10,500 volunteers helped spruce up the schools and surrounding neighborhood.

The Spirit of Detroit Award is given by the Detroit City Council for an outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit.