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Top three challenges for Facility Managers

Facility ManagersSchena OneSource
By December 2, 2017July 3rd, 2023No Comments

Facility managers are challenged with wearing many hats. Effective planning, monitoring and positive action – along with administrative support – make a big difference in a facility manager’s success. Utilizing technology can help get rid of organization and information overload. Schena Roofing’s OneSource, is a cloud-based software system that provides easy, hassle-free roof information. Real-time processing allows data to be captured remotely by our technician, giving property managers the ability to track all roofing issues from their desk, on the road, or on a beach.

  • Communication with building owners and tenants

A facility manager must relay important information regarding current and future priorities for building operations – from cosmetic upgrades and maintenance, to major renovations and new construction. Communicating roofing system information with professional, informative reports and supporting visuals (photo or video) is available at the push of a button with Schena Roofing’s OneSource software.

  • Regular and Preventive Maintenance

Building safety depends on the ability to identify and stay ahead of building deficiencies along with deferred maintenance issues. Regularly scheduled inspections are critical to develop budget and preventative maintenance schedules. The OneSource software makes tracking and troubleshooting all areas of the roof easy and accessible. You can request service calls and receive automated updates any time there is roof activity from a password protected and secure portal.

  • Budget planning and management

The primary goal of any facility manager is to avoid surprises. A key asset to Schena’s OneSource software is having all information from invoices, service calls, inspections, and visual back-up available from a password protected portal. No more searching for service history logs, pulling invoices, or developing report binders. OneSource stores all this information in a budget matrix to assist with future maintenance and replacement planning.

Top Three Solutions from OneSource

  • Safe and Secure Portal

OneSource is accessible from any device and provides online inspection reports, real-time updates, records organization, proposals and aerial measurements.

  • Automated Activity Reports

Professional grade, advanced reports include service reports, Invoicing, warranty storage and tracking, budget, service agreements and automated repair status updates.

  • Service Dispatch

Report service issues and track all service items in one easy-to-use and learn system.

Although the details of each work site vary, OneSource can make a difference in helping a facility manager have roofing peace of mind. Contact Schena Roofing at (586) 949-4777 or for a free demonstration.