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Watch for winter roof hazards

Commercial roofing know-how
By July 5, 2020October 27th, 2023No Comments
Snow and ice accumulation can have devastating effects on commercial roofs. If you own or manage a building, taking steps to protect your roof from ice and snow can save you a lot of money, effort, and energy.
With the recent heavy snow, combined with rain and fluctuating freeze/thaw temperatures, you may have ice build-up on your roof.
When removing ice or snow, it’s important to take proper safety precautions, and to use techniques that will not harm your roof. Winter maintenance and repairs are best handled by a crew trained for hazardous conditions and equipped with the proper tools. Don’t put your people and property at risk. Let our trained and skilled experts handle winter roof maintenance. We have the OSHA-approved fall protection equipment to properly and safely remove snow or ice. We also understand your roofing system and know how to protect it during the removal process.
Fast Facts:
1 Sq. foot of snow that’s 1” in depth weighs about a pound. Just one cubic foot of ice weighs 57 pounds.
A 10,000-square-foot warehouse, after six inches of snow, may be bearing anywhere from 30 to 50 tons of snow.