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February Newsletter

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In 1969, we put a man on the moon, The Beatles released Abbey Road,

Sesame Street premiered on Public Television, and George Schena, opened Schena Roofing & Sheet Metal.

Celebrating our 50th anniversary was an amazing milestone, one that we are both proud of and humbled by as we know full well the incredible amount of diligence and faith it required to achieve.
Despite dramatic changes in our industry, devastating downturns in our economy, and incredible changes in technology, we are still a family at heart, still a quality commercial roofing contractor and still continuing to grow and thrive. And that, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle and we couldn’t have done it without all of you to support us.
With Gratitude and Blessings,
Anthony & George Schena

50th Anniversary Video

Holistic Thinking

All roofs have several items to create a total roof system. Although the materials may vary, the basic roof system components are: Structural deck (substrate), Insulation, Membrane, Surfacing, Flashings, and Metal terminations. All of these pieces synchronize to form one functional system. Each component has its own failure modes, and although failure of one item may not lead to failure of the entire system, each area must be monitored and inspected for maintenance repairs.
At Schena Roofing, we make sure the entire roofing system is functioning properly. During our inspection, we identify:
Maintenance items: Clearing of the roof drains of debris, make spot repairs to minor holes or open seams.
Priority Service: All leaks receive priority service.
Proactive repairs: We identify areas of your roof that have the potential to become a costly leak and provide discounted pricing.
Extending the service life: Provide recommendations for reflective coatings or other repairs that will extend the life of your investment

Watch for Winter Roof Hazards

Snow and ice accumulation can have devastating effects on commercial roofs. If you own or manage a building, taking steps to protect your roof from ice and snow can save you a lot of money, effort, and energy.
With the recent heavy snow, combined with rain and fluctuating freeze/thaw temperatures, you may have ice build-up on your roof.
When removing ice or snow, it’s important to take proper safety precautions, and to use techniques that will not harm your roof. Winter maintenance and repairs are best handled by a crew trained for hazardous conditions and equipped with the proper tools. Don’t put your people and property at risk. Let our trained and skilled experts handle winter roof maintenance. We have the OSHA-approved fall protection equipment to properly and safely remove snow or ice. We also understand your roofing system and know how to protect it during the removal process.
Fast Facts:
1 Sq. foot of snow that’s 1” in depth weighs about a pound. Just one cubic foot of ice weighs 57 pounds.
A 10,000-square-foot warehouse, after six inches of snow, may be bearing anywhere from 30 to 50 tons of snow.

Best practices you can expect from Schena Roofing

OneSource roof management program
Up-to-date roof information at your fingertips. Report and track service calls, view roof activity via video or photos, track invoices, budget, service, inspections, and much more.
Reliable expert and partner
For 50 years, we’ve come to the table with integrity, safety, quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our repeat customers are testament to this fact.
Quality Materials
Our network and relationships with only the best materials manufacturers means we have the training, backing and support of all major roofing partners.
Most projects experience some challenges. We believe in transparency and addressing issues sooner rather than later.
Reflect, Learn, Repeat
This is our post-game locker room huddle. Did we get the job done as specified? Did we earn getting you as a repeat customer?

Life-Changing Work

Over the past 5 years, Schena
Roofing & Sheet Metal, has not only participated in working on roofs, but has become a bronze level sponsor
to the Life Remodeled organization.
Life Remodeled mobilizes thousands
of volunteers, businesses and organizations to join local residents in Detroit to address blight and provide building repairs in their neighborhood.
“So many of us have roots in Detroit. We wanted to get involved. It’s important to give back the blessings we receive by helping others.” – Anthony Schena